COMPLIMENTARY Pattern for Turban 8ply Heirloom Wool, sizing 52cms or 20ins  (Adult)
COMPLIMENTARY: Pattern for Camelia Hat in 8ply Heirloom Wool, sizes birth to 12 monthsCOMPLIMENTARY Pattern for Crochet Chemo Turban in 4ply Heirloom Cotton, sizing 56 cms or 22 ins  (Adult)

Pattern for Turban in 8ply Heirloom Cotton or Wool, sizing 52 cms or 20 ins (Adult)


Product Description

An elegant and stylish hat that has been adapted from Martha Stewarts’ Baby Turban . The hat is in 8 ply Heirloom Wool so is suitable for the winter months. This hat can be dressed up to wear out at night and to formal occasions by adding a favourite brooch or clip to the Turban Knot. The turban is suitable for those undergoing Chemotherapy. We also have a pattern for the turban in 4 ply cotton which is light and suitable for the summer season. See Complimentary Patterns and Patterns for sale.

If you are a novice crocheter you will be able to view the various crochet stitches under the “Learn to Crochet” or “Pattern Help” videos on the Menu Bar.

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All patterns have now been changed to include both English and U.S crochet terminology.


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