Learn to Knit Videos

Beginner Videos for learning basic Knitting Stitches

These videos are designed to help new knitters get to know the basics of knitting.  This page will slowly grow, and it is hoped that these tutorials will help you develop your skills. Leave a comment if you have any problems. There are free patterns in the hookedoncrochet.com.au shop which reinforces this tutorial and provides you with a novelty gift to keep or give.


Lesson 1 – The basics. How to cast on, do garter stitch  and cast off. 

This introduction also explains how to manage needles and wool when removing stitches from one knitting needle to the other and how to select the size of the knitting needles for the ply of wool used…


Lesson 2: Increasing and Decreasing

This video teaches one method of Increasing and Decreasing

Download the free pattern for the face washer / dishcloth from the hookedoncrochet.com.au shop. This pattern will reinforce increasing and decreasing and provide you with a useful item to use or give as a gift..

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